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BAUER Supreme 2S Pro Senior Hockeykølle

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kr 2 199,00



The Bauer Supreme 2S Pro hockey stick is built for efficiency and power, with the innovation and professional features that elite-level players are looking for in a high kick point model.

DuraFlex resin system for increased shaft strength
Advanced Carbon Layering for reduced weight without sacrificing durability
Renewcore technology for a longer lasting blade
Monocomp one-piece construction for enhanced shaft consistency
Maximum Power Kick for increased energy transfer
New to Bauer’s top-end Supreme hockey stick this year is the Duraflex resin system. While Bauer continues to use its TeXtreme carbon fiber construction in the 2S Pro, the new Duraflex resin increases the entire shaft’s durability and flexural strength. The stick also utilizes the popular Monocomp technology, a carry-over from the Supreme 1S, which provides a true one-piece stick design, producing excellent consistency throughout the shaft. These elite technologies allow you to lean heavier into shots for maximum power.

The 2S Pro blade features a key upgrade, Advanced Carbon Layering, which improves the durability-to-weight ratio. The ACL technology produces more carbon fiber layered in a compressed area, increasing the strength of the blade while reducing the stick’s weight. Bauer combines blade innovation with trusted features from the previous model, bringing back their Renewcore technology, which takes a pressurized gel and fills internal blade cracks to create a longer lasting structure. These key features produce a reactive blade for higher shot velocity, without sacrificing strength and durability.

The Maximum Power Kick is another carry-over from last year’s 1S model. This technology maximizes the transfer of energy on every shot, with a taper geometry that thickens the hosel area to create a higher kick point, allowing you to generate power from handle to blade. The MPK technology is complemented by the extended transfer zone, allowing you to load your snap shots based on hand positioning for added versatility. Whether you’re firing off a quick snap shot or loading up for a slap shot, the fast recoil and increased energy transfer will provide you with excellent power.

The Senior model of the 2S Pro weighs 415 grams, a 5-gram reduction from last year’s 1S model, and features the new P92M blade profile, Bauer’s maximum blade height. With NHL players requesting a taller blade, Bauer delivered, providing the same curve and lie as the standard P92, with the addition of the increased height. This feature helps you in all areas of the game, whether you’re winning a face-off, tipping shots in front of the net, deflecting passes from the opposing team, or collecting bouncing pucks in the corners.

Bauer has created its most efficient hockey stick to date in the Supreme 2S Pro, using a winning technological formula to produce a stick made to give you a powerful release. If you’re an elite player looking to take your shot to the next level, the 2S Pro has the features you want.


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